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Workshop for board nutrition

Полное наименование объекта: Workshop for board nutrition for "ComiInterAvia" airline
Статус объекта: сдан в эксплуатацию
Место(расположение) объекта: Syktyvkar, Komi Republic
Дата сдачи объекта: 09.08.2001
Заказчик(инвестор) строительства объекта: Public Corporation "ComiInterAvia"
Роль компании в строительстве объекта: Customer, Prime contractor, mounting of the engineering equipment and communications

Information about the project:

multiblock version of block-containers of Ventall system with canopy made of metal constructions.


Foundation of the building is combined (piles, columnar).


Skeleton consists of tubular stanchions in the corners between flat sections of floor and ceiling. Tubular stanchions are equipped by adjustable telescopic piers in the lower part. Sections of floor and ceiling are mounted of S-type roll-formed section protected against corrosion by a two-stratum RF-021 priming coating. Angular stanchions are dyed by enamel PF-115.

Roof, walls and floors:

Roof. On the ceiling section is stacked foil-clad mineral wool insulation 150 mm thick, pressed top with waterproof plywood, 15 mm thick. Plywood is glued over with rubbery material "Kromel." Water drainage is arranged on polimeric pipes in the corners of end walls.
The walls are formed by sealed bracings to the frame of sandwich - panels "Ventall - C" edged with notches under insertions of windows and doors. The outer and inner surface of the panels is made of zinc-coated steel sheet, dyed with high-strength coverage. Mineral wool slab is used as insulation.
Flooring. On the floor frame sections are stacked foil insulation and a thick waterproof plywood. On the plywood linoleum is planked.

Additional equipment:

Windows and doors. The material used in windows and doors is PVC - profile of the company «KBE».
Heating, lighting, power supply.
Lamps, electric heaters, fans and sockets are installed inside the building. All wiring is hidden in PVC - boxes. Sewer and water pipes are made of PVC with outlets for connecting to the external services.


Technoliga company took part in International show Sports'11!

From 9 to 11 March in Moscow in All-Russian Exhibition Centre took place the VIII International Show Sports'11.

Technoliga company was included in National Register Leading companies of building industry of Russia in 2010!

According to the offer of Building and Housing and Communal Services Minitstry of Kaluga region Technoliga PJSC was included in National Register Leading companies of building industry - 2010.

2011-07-25 10:09:00

Building of two units completed

Technoliga company in July completed the building of two units!

2011-04-28 10:19:00

Appeal of the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Company

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company Technoliga Kravchenko I.N. made an appeal.

2011-04-27 10:10:00

The main civil and erection works are finished

The main civil and erection works of the unit "Industrial park "Rosva" are finished. At this moment are fullfilling the works of internal finishing of administrative household building and of arrangement of concrete pavement of warehouse №2.